20 Gift ideas for Snowboarders in 2020

If you have a snowboarder in your family you will have probably noticed that they’re really into it. This means that when it comes to gifts, an easy option is to get something snowboard related.

Gift ideas for snowboarders:

Under $50
$50 – $100
Over $100

Hats & Beanies

You can’t go wrong with a hat. In the winter go for a beanie in the summer go for a cap. Some good brands out the are Coal, Spacecraft

Stomp Pads

These are the little things that stick on the top of your board to stop your foot slipping off when riding one foot. They were kind of frowned upon, but the invention of one-footed tricks means they’re ok again, if you buy the right one…Go for Crabgrab or One Ball Jay

Neck Warmer

An essential piece of kit for those cold winter days and you can never have enough of them. There are a variety of styles out there from simple tubes to balaclavas to hoods


Sock might be the archetypal boring Chritsmas gift but they are kind of essential and there are some cool ones out there. Go for snowboard specific socks rather than over-engineered and expensive ski socks. Burton, Dakine and Stance.

$50 – $100

Base layer

Probably one of the most important items of clothing when you’re on the hill. A good base layer, top and bottom, will keep you warm and help prevent injury on those cold days. If you can stretch the budget go for merino wool

Gloves or Mitts

Gloves are another snowboarding essential. Some of the smaller brands out there have some pretty funky designs which any snowboarder would be stoked with as a gift. Try Burton, Dakine, Howl or Grabgrab.

Over $100


Goggles are one of the pieces of kit which I still get excited about. Best Snowboard googles in 2020

Outdoor tech headphones

These Bluetooth headphones fit into the helmet allowing you to ride with your tunes all day without any cables sticking out of your jacket. Check to see which helmet they have before buying. They are compatible with the following brands:
Bern, Giro, Smith, K2, Anon, Pro-Tec, Bolle, Sweet Protection


Another essential piece of kit, especially for any backcountry snowboarder.

Burton throwback

A replica of the original snowboard that pioneer Jake Burton came up with. I’ve got one of these hanging on my wall, so kind of doubles up as a piece of art. Plus when it snows we can take it out in the backyard

Snow Beach book

Maybe be this one is for the more mature gentleman snowboarder in your life. But I’d be super happy to receive this coffee table book. It catalogues the history of the sport though

GoPro or Drone

Obviously there’s no point in doing anything these days unless you can film yourself doing it and put it on the internet. The new Gopro 8 is a real step up from previous models so definitely worth upgrading if they already have one. Or get another angle with a drone. The DJI Mavic Mini is easy to use and relatively inexpensive. Plus it’s small enough to fit in your pocket.