Why These Are The Best Snowboard Helmets 2020


Below are my pics for the best snowboard helmets for 2020. They are all lightweight, easy to adjust and designed to take a few knocks – an inevitable part of snowboarding!

What to look for when buying a helmet

Your helmet is the most import piece of protective gear, you should only consider buying a helmet if it adheres to minimum safety standards. All reputable brands and all helmets stocked by reputable retailers will meet these standards. But if you are unsure, check for the following codes on the packaging or product info.

In the US – The American Society of Testing Materials, International (ASTM)
In Europe The European Committee for Standardization (CE EN).

Having a helmet that fits correctly is really important for it to be able to do its job correctly. As a starting point use the chart below to find the correct size. Simply take a soft measuring tape and wrap it around your head at its largest point. If you don’t have a soft measuring tape, use a piece of string, mark where it wraps fully around your head and then measure the piece of string.

Snowboard Helmet Size Chart

Helmet size (Adult)Head Size (cm)Head Size (In)
S52 – 5521.75 – 23
M56 – 59115-130
L59 – 6223 – 24.25
XL63 – 6524.5 – 25.5


Heads come in different shapes as well as sizes so it’s important that you try the helmet on as well. Most quality helmets come with a good amount of adjustment so that you can fine-tune the fit.

To test the fit, firstly make sure the top of your head is touching the inside of the helmet, and that there are no points around your mead when it feels like it is squeezing too tight. Next, shape your head from side to side and up and down, the helmet shouldn’t budge!

So now you know a helmet fits and meets the minimum requirements, what other features should you look for which can improve the performance of your helmet?

MIPS Helmets

MIPS stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System and means there is a low-friction layer integrated into the helmet. This layer is designed to move within the helmet in the result of an impact and reduces rotational motion transferred to the head.

Many of the top brands now have MIPS built into their higher-end helmets

How To Adjust Your Helmet

All helmets have some system to adjust how the helmet fits around the head. However, I’d suggest going for a helmet with an Adjustable Wheel or Boa® System

These kinds of helmets have a dial at the back which turns to adjust the fit. This means you can easily fine-tune the fit to get a snug, even fit around your head. It’s a fast lightweight solution that can be adjusted on the fly without having to take off the helmet.

Removable Ear Pads

If you want to wear your helmet over the top of your beanie and goggles then you’ll need to remove the ears. Most freestyle orientated helmets have this feature. Make sure your helmet fits securely and still passes the shake test. A badly fitting helmet that slides around if you crash is no use to anyone!

Best Mens Helmets 2020

Giro Jackson MIPS Helmet

  • In-Mold Construction
  • In Form™ 2 Fit System
  • MIPS
  • Polartec® Power Grid™ Padding
  • Removable Goggle Retainer
  • Removable Earpads
  • Compatible with Aftermarket Giro Audio Systems by Outdoor Tech (Sold Separately)


Anon Prime MIPS Helmet

  • Hybrid 50/50 Shell Construction
  • Active Ventilation
  • BOA® Fit System
  • Easily removable ear pads and liners
  • Fidlock® Snap Helmet Buckle
  • Audio Accessory Compatible


Smith Maze MIPS Helmet

  • Lightweight In-Mold Construction
  • AirEvac Ventilation
  • Self-Adjusting Lifestyle Fit System
  • Easily removable ear pads and liners
  • Beanie Compatible
  • Compatible with Outdoor Tech™ Audio Systems


Salomon Sight MIPS Helmet

  • EPS 4D Liner
  • Active Ventilation
  • Custom Air® Fit System
  • Easily removable ear pads and liners
  • 100% Washable Liner / Easy to Remove
  • Audio System Compatible

Best Womens Helmets 2020


Salomon Stellar MIPS Helmet


  • Articulating Hard Shell Construction
  • Stack Ventilation
  • MIPS
  • Fidlock® Magnetic Buckle Closure
  • Removable Earpads
  • Compatible with Aftermarket Giro Audio Systems by Outdoor Tech


Smith Mirage MIPS Helmet

  • Lightweight In-Mold Construction
  • Regulator Adjustable Climate Control
  • Adjustable Dial Fit System
  • Aerocore™ Construction
  • Audio System Compatible


Anon Auburn MIPS Helmet

  • In-Mold Shell Construction
  • Passive Ventilation
  • Fidlock® Snap Helmet Buckle
  • Easily removable ear pads and liners
  • Audio System Compatible


Sweet Protection Switcher MIPS Helmet

  • Advanced Hybrid Shell Technology
  • OneTurn Ventilation
  • OcciGrip Turn Dial Fit System
  • 3D Shaped Vented Lining
  • Audio System Compatible