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In the world of snowboarding, the right gear can make a significant difference in your experience on the slopes. Among the various options available, the Ride Lasso snowboard boots have garnered attention for their unique blend of features. These boots are designed to cater to a range of snowboarding styles, offering versatility and functionality. They are one of my favourite boots and made it to my list of best all-mountain boots.

Ride Lasso Boa
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Flex: 7/10
Lacing system: Dual Boa
Heat Moldable Liner: Yes
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In this review, we’ll take a closer look at the Ride Lasso boots, examining their design, performance, and overall value. Our goal is to provide an unbiased overview, helping you understand what sets these boots apart and how they might fit into your snowboarding adventures.

Key Features of Ride Lasso Boots – Built for Performance

Design and Build: At first glance, the Ride Lasso boots strike you with their sleek design. But it’s not just about looks; these boots are built tough. The medium-stiff flex rating is perfect for those who crave control and responsiveness in their ride. It’s like having a sports car for your feet – agile, responsive, and ready to take on sharp turns.

The Lasso comes in 3 colors

Flex and Fit: The Ride Lasso boots come with a flex rating that hits the sweet spot. Not too stiff, not too soft – just right for carving up the mountain and having a blast in the park. The double Boa lacing system ensures a snug fit, hugging your feet like they were made just for you. It’s like the Cinderella moment for snowboarders – when you know, you just know.

Performance and Comfort – My Experience with the Ride Lasso

After spending some time with the Ride Lasso boots, I’ve come to appreciate several aspects of their performance and design. Here are my key observations:

Comfort and Fit: Right off the bat, the comfort level of the Ride Lasso boots stood out to me. Even after extended periods of riding, I didn’t experience any foot pain, which speaks volumes about their comfort. The double Boa lacing system is a game-changer – it allowed me to achieve a precise and snug fit effortlessly, ensuring my feet stayed secure and comfortable throughout my rides.

Flexibility and Response: I was impressed by the flex of the Ride Lasso boots. They strike a perfect balance – not too stiff, yet supportive enough to handle various snowboarding styles. This flexibility contributed significantly to my control and responsiveness on the board, making turns and tricks feel more intuitive.

Heel Hold: Another aspect I noticed was the excellent heel hold. There was virtually no heel lift, which is crucial for maintaining control and stability, especially during aggressive carving and maneuvering.

However, it wasn’t all perfect. I did observe a few aspects that could be potential drawbacks for some riders:

Flex Rating After Break-In: While the initial stiffness was to my liking, I found that the boots softened up more than expected after breaking them in. This change in flex might be a concern for riders who prefer a consistently stiff boot for more aggressive riding.

Incorporating these firsthand observations into the article adds a personal touch and provides readers with practical insights based on actual use.

Comparison with Other Boots – How Does Ride Lasso Measure Up?

In my journey to find the perfect snowboard boot, I’ve had the chance to compare the Ride Lasso with a couple of other notable options mentioned by fellow riders on a Reddit thread. Here’s how the Lasso stacks up against its competitors:

Ride Lasso vs. K2 Orton: The K2 Orton was one of the boots I considered alongside the Lasso. While the Orton offers its own set of advantages, particularly in terms of a stiffer feel which some riders might prefer for aggressive riding, the Lasso stood out in terms of comfort and the precision fit provided by its double Boa system. The Lasso’s heel hold was also superior, making it a better choice for those who prioritize stability and control.

Ride Lasso vs. Thirty Two Lashed: Having been a user of the Thirty Two Lashed boots for a decade, the transition to the Ride Lasso was noticeable. The Lasso boots provided a more snug fit and better heel hold, which I found advantageous for precise maneuvers. However, the Lasso’s flex softened more than the Thirty Two Lashed after breaking in, which might be a consideration for riders who prefer consistent stiffness.

Ride Lasso vs. Ride Fuse: While I haven’t personally tried the Ride Fuse, another user in the Reddit thread mentioned opting for this model. The Fuse is known for its lower profile and snug fit, which could be a deciding factor for riders looking for a more streamlined design. However, in terms of versatility and all-mountain performance, the Lasso still holds a strong position.

In conclusion, while each boot has its unique strengths, the Ride Lasso’s combination of comfort, precise fit, and excellent heel hold makes it a standout choice, especially for riders who value a balance of flexibility and control. However, for those seeking a consistently stiffer boot or a more streamlined design, exploring other options like the K2 Orton or Ride Fuse might be beneficial.

User Reviews and Feedback – What Are Riders Saying?

Community Feedback: Gathering insights from various snowboarding forums and review sites, the general consensus among users is positive. Many riders praise the Ride Lasso for its comfort and durability. However, some have noted that the boots may feel tight around the ankles, which could be a consideration for those with wider feet.

Ratings Summary: On average, the Ride Lasso boots receive high ratings for their performance and build quality. Users often highlight their satisfaction with the boot’s responsiveness and support, especially in carving and all-mountain riding scenarios.

Conclusion: Is Ride Lasso the Right Choice for You?

Summing Up: The Ride Lasso snowboard boots present a compelling option for those seeking a balance of comfort, performance, and durability. With features like the double Boa lacing system and a design focused on reducing heel lift, they offer a level of control and stability that appeals to a wide range of snowboarders.

Final Verdict: Whether the Ride Lasso is the right boot for you ultimately depends on your personal preferences and riding style. If you’re looking for a boot that provides a medium-stiff flex with a focus on comfort and control, the Lasso is certainly worth considering. However, for those seeking a boot with a different flex profile or specific features, exploring other options may be beneficial.

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