5 Best Snowboard Knee Pads (2020)

Falling on your knees hurts! Especially when the conditions are hard or icy you want to save your knees from these kinds of inevitable falls. This is where knee pads come in. In this article, I outline what the benefits of knee pads are, what to look for when buying them and what re the best knee pads for snowboarding on the market today!

Can you hurt your knee snowboarding?

Knee injuries are less common in snowboarding than skiing, especially the kind of bad knee associated with twisting which can lead to a busted ACL. This is because on a snowboard both feet are stuck onto one plank rather than two, so any rotational forces are distributed through both knees rather than one. That’s the good news. The bad news is that snowboards tend to fall a lot more than skiers, especially when just starting out. This leads to lots of impact and potential fracture injuries. The other type of impact which is common in snowboard is when you land a jump. Sometimes these impacts can be big enough to cause an injury and repeated small impacts can also lead to problems

How do knee pads stop you getting hurt

The kind of knee injury that knee pads will save you from is the impact injuries caused by your knee hitting the ground. A really common fall when you are starting out is the dreaded toe edge catch. This happens when the edge of the snowboard unexpectedly catches the snow in front of you and you get flipped forward onto your knees/wrists/face. This is where knee pads can save you some serious pain!
Another time knee pads will save you is when falling on rails and boxes. There’s a heap of different ways to hurt yourself on rails just waiting to be discovered, but one which is guaranteed to bring tears to your eyes is slipping of the rail and catching your knee or just above your boot on the solid metal.

As with all types of protective gear not only do they save you from injury but also can save you from shattering your confidence. This can make learning, whether it be just the basics, or new tricks in the park a whole bunch easier and more fun.

Make sure you wear a base layer under your knee pads (especially if they have velcro strap fastenings). This will stop chafing and the backs of your knees becoming red raw!

Who should wear knee pads?

  • Beginners
  • Anyone learning in hard icy conditions
  • Anyone learning new tricks on rails and boxes
  • Anyone with pre-existing knee injuries

Best Knee Pads for Snowboarding

Burton Basic Knee Pads

These knee pads have just enough padding to take the sting out but are lightweight enough that you’ll barely notice you’re wearing them.


POC Joint VPD System Knee Pads

These top-of-the-range pads contain a polymer dough that hardens on impact, meaning that the pads are soft and malleable until called upon. Made of a moisture-wicking material they won’t get sweaty even on those warm spring days.

Dakine Anthem Knee Pads

These solid knee pads will protect you from the hardest of knocks. The padding comes down below the knee to protect the top of the shin as well, meaning they’re a great choice for rail riders.

Black Diamond TeleKneesis Kneepads

These knee pads are made for telemark skiing, and I don’t even want to think about the kinds of ways that can destroy your knees! Needless to say, these solid plastic pads will keep your knees safe no matter what.

G-Form X-Pro Knee Pad

fit like a second skin. The fully-articulated design and especially RTP, the Reactive Protection Technology, ensure that you are protected and you have full freedom of movement.